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Standards in mathematics at Drayton Infant School are high.  Children attain higher than the national average at the end of EYFS.  They also exceed National expectations at the end of key stage 1 for those achieving expected standard.

Leadership of maths is strong.  Book scrutinies, planning scrutinies, learning walks and data analysis are used to identify strengths and areas for development through action planning and monitoring timelines.  Feedback to staff and SLT is timely with next steps, and this feeds into staff CPD.

The 3 aims of the maths national curriculum are introduced in Year R and embedded at key stage 1. Daily fluency builders reinforce key concepts through activities, including the use of ICT and rapid recall boards.  Children show mastery of concepts by explaining their reasoning.  Children of all abilities are given regular opportunities for problem solving activities.

The CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach is used throughout the school for children of all abilities. Working walls show modelled examples of how children can approach tasks using the CPA approach.  Children refer to the working walls to enable them to be independent in their learning and next steps.

Pupil voice questionnaires show that children enjoy maths. All children asked say that they feel `happy’ and `good’ about maths and that `it is fun’. They talk about how their teachers help them, what they are trying to get better at, and how they know if they have been successful in their learning.  Children are happy to show their maths work in their books and displayed in classrooms and take pride in it. 

As children leave the school at the end of year 2, parents report that their children have developed a `true love of maths’ and have `really fallen in love with maths’.  Children begin the next stage in their school life feeling confident and enthusiastic about maths.

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