Drayton Community Infant School


Children have lots of questions about the world around them and at Drayton Community Infant School we aim to provide children with the necessary core scientific knowledge and investigate skills to answer their questions about those processes.

We recognise that children live in an age of fast-moving science and we believe that this area of learning is fundamental to exploring, understanding and influencing the world in which we live in. It offers a wealth of experiences and ideas that encourage the natural curiosity of children and creativity, inspiring both awe and wonder.

In EYFS Science is part of the Understanding the World. The children use their continuous provision and are supported by the adults to learn about the world around this. In KS1, science is taught as part of our immersive curriculum linked to the Power of Reading. This enables us to make the science relevant, purposeful and exciting for the children. We strive to provide hands on and active science, so the children can: tackle problems, form questions, generate and test ideas and designs and seek solutions. They learn that science has many possibilities inspiring them to become the scientists, engineers, designers and innovators of the future leading to them becoming informed citizens responsive to the needs of others in the world in which they live.  

The staff at Drayton has been very proactive in seeking out support for science. We have recently purchased resources to support staff in the teaching of science in response to feedback. The Association for Science Education (ASE) resources were implemented to improve the effectiveness of practical science teaching. It also gives exemplification materials to ensure accurate assessment in KS1. The science lead has created a portfolio of ideas and resources linked to the National Curriculum which are both hands on and relevant. We have brought in outside experts such as Mad Science who deliver innovative hands on children’s science programs to the local community. We also have provided educational visits to places such as Africa Alive and the Sea Life centre.