Year 1 Summer Learning


In Literacy we learnt about the Royal family and what is great about Great Britain. We learnt about the capital cities and some of the famous London landmarks related to the Royal family. We also had a trip to Norwich castle where we learnt about the amazing life of Florence Nightingale. As Nightingale was known as the lady with the lamp we made our own versions and we got to handle different artefacts that she would have used during her life time.


In Maths we focused on measures, place value, shape, addition and subtraction. We ordered numbers from smallest to largest, compared the capacity of different containers and solved addition and subtraction calculations using concrete and pictorial methods. Using shapes hunts we also named and recognised different 3D shapes.


In Science, we did experiments with eggs, as it was Easter! First we soaked raw eggs in water, orange juice or vinegar and left them for 3 days. We then tested the eggs to see if they would bounce if we dropped them. The egg soaked in vinegar was spongy and squashy but it did break, even though it was not supposed to!

We then experimented with a hard-boiled egg to test air pressure. We started by lighting some newspaper that was put it into a glass bottle to change the pressure inside. Then we quickly placed the hard-boiled egg on top and watched the egg getting sucked into the bottle. We all love Science!


In R.E we listened to and discussed the Easter story. We then retold the story and sequenced pictures.

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