The Two Tee Pees

Hidden within the leafy trees of our Woodland, you will find two Tee Pees. This peaceful, calm and relaxing place is where Art, Music, Poetry and stories are brought to life by the children who visit.

So far this term we have had the ‘real’ Tiger who came to Tea! We have loved sitting around the ‘blazing’ campfire toasting leaf marshmallows in the freezing cold. We have listened to the sea from the conical shells, whilst reading themed stories such as: Mariana and the Merchild; The Little Boat; The Storm by Kathy Henderson.

We have studied still life and created our own sketches and water colour paintings of daffodils whilst listening to Classic FM on an old- fashioned radio. We have even made our own music with a basket full of instruments.

An ever changing audience, sees Year 2 children nurturing and caring for our younger children with a positive ethos of kindness and friendship no matter the age. Our ‘ring of benches’ is often a forum for discussions such as ‘shall we create our own Wishing Tree. It is also symbolic to our circle of friends and we sometimes might be overhead, singing at the end of play:

“This is our circle, our circle of new friends and just like a circle, our kindness and caring never ends.”

We are free to come and go as we please because the Two Tee Pees will always be there whenever we need them.

Caroline Kett

Reception – Outdoor learning with our parents – Stickman

This term, we invited the Reception parents in for a stay and play session all based on learning in the outdoor classroom. We read stickman, designed our own stick men and then went outside and made our own stick characters. It was a VERY wet day. Thank you to all of the adults who stayed and braved the weather with us. We REALLY do go outside in all weathers in Reception. And we learnt, not for the first time, that our parents have brilliant imaginations.

Reception Children celebrate the end of half term with an Ugly Bug Ball – Friday 24th May 2019

On the last day of half term, Reception had an Ugly Bug Ball. Everyone came dressed up as lots of different minibeasts. We had a minibeasts hunt, sang some songs, danced in the hall and made our own biscuits. We had lots of fun. Thank you to all of the families for their brilliant and inventive costumes.

Two days earlier we had a visit from Ed and the “Minibeasts Roadshow”. We met a tarantula, a bearded dragon, a millipede, two African land snails and a corn snake. Many of the children were braver than the adults. We were able to touch and hold the animals. It was a brilliant day.

Wednesday 15th May – Norfolk Music Hubs live music event

We were really lucky this term to have won a visit from a live band as part of the Norfolk Music Hubs live music event. The children had a brilliant time. Thank you for the team who encouraged us to sing, dance and have fun while we learnt new songs, played instruments and travelled around the world through music. This was an amazing opportunity for the children.

Year 2 Medieval Castle Day

After working extremely hard on our SATs tests we ended this half term with a fun Medieval Castle Day.  The children came dressed in a range of costumes including kings, queens, lords, ladies, squires, pages, maids, clergy, peasants and jesters.

We started the day with a fun sword and shield making session with our families.  Each child had a large sheet of cardboard and the shields that they created from them were truly impressive.

We then undertook a number of fun castle themed craft activities and games, including crown making and the Battle of Hastings related tasks.

In the afternoon we took our swords and shields onto the field where we re-enacted the Battle of Hastings from 1066.  The Owl Class undertook the role of the Norwegian King Harald Hardrada’s army but were soon defeated by the Otter Class who were Anglo-Saxon King Harold Godwinson’s army when they met for the Battle of Stamford Bridge.  The Otter Class were then defeated at Hastings by the Norman-French army of William, the Duke of Normandy as played by the Squirrel Class.

The day culminated with a magnificent banquet, where we used our fingers to eat food that would have been available at a medieval banquet.  We then tried some medieval dancing.

Steve Sausage and his Christmas magic show comes to DCIS

The children had a Christmas treat and had a visit from Steve Sausage. Laughter and applause filled the room as he performed his show.

We can’t wait to welcome him back.

Spring 1 2019 Westover Vets visit – KS1

We had a great first day back. We had Tom from Westover Vets come to visit us.

We learnt about the important role that vets play in looking after animals.

We had some very good ideas about what our pets need:

Love, water, food, walks, time to play and rest.

Tom even showed us how to do a bandage, with the help of some very important veterinary assistants.


We got to ask Tom some questions at the end of the session.

Here are some that we asked him:

Spring 1 2019 Otters visit to Badgers Wood

Otter class had a lovely two weeks visiting Badgers Wood. This was arranged with the support of the charity Friend in Deed. The children enjoyed playing games, sharing photos and talking with the residents.

Thank you to Badgers Wood and to the parents who walked down and joined us in these sessions.

If you would like more information on how you can get involved with your local care home please visit the following link: