Spring Term in the Hedgehog Class

It really has been a magical term in Hedgehog Class! At the beginning of the term we were excited to find that a mystery person going by the initial S had left us the book The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. It was soon discovered that S was Silky the fairy from the Magic Faraway Tree. We have loved reading about her friends Saucepan Man and Moonface. Throughout the term we have had to help the characters from the story solve lots of problems; these have included rescuing Silky from ice and investigating the crime scene left by the red goblins! We have even been creating our own magic by making potions!

This term our confidence with reading and writing has continued to grow and develop; many of us are writing sentences and beginning to write our own stories! We have also learnt how to solve addition and subtraction problems practically and pictorially.

We have enjoyed using the laptops and iPads more in class and have used them to play games, solve clues by using QR codes and typing words and sentences on the laptops.

During this term we have also enjoyed Multicultural Week where we travelled around the school to learn about different countries. In each class we completed a craft activity linked to a country. We also had a fantastic time learning a Chinese dance!

The week beginning 14th of March was Science Week. Within the classroom we have been carrying out our own experiments; one included inflating a balloon using vinegar and baking soda which was very exciting! We were also visited by nurses who talked to us about what they do. We found this very interesting, so we pretended to be nurses and thoroughly enjoyed creating bandages for one another.

Spring Term in the Hedgehog Class

What a magical Spring Term we have had! After the Christmas holidays we were shocked to find that an enchanted woodland had appeared in our classroom. We soon found out that this wood was the home to some very special people including Silky the fairy. Silky very kindly gave us the book The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton and we have loved meeting her friends Saucepan Man and Moonface and being part of their wonderful adventures!

Throughout the term we have been helping our friends from the Magic Faraway tree with Phonics and Numeracy. We have particularly enjoyed learning about addition and subtraction and have used this new learning to help Silky and her friends with their own Maths problems!

Solving subtraction problems using concrete objects.

In January we had a great time travelling around the school learning about different festivals for Multicultural week. We even had the opportunity to do some Samba drumming and Zumba dancing. One of our favourite festivals was Chinese New Year so we explored this festival and the culture in more detail.

image009On Red Nose Day we really enjoyed dressing silly to raise money for Comic Relief, some of us even came to school with pants on our heads!

We were also very lucky to be visited by Commonwealth Games silver medallist and team England captain Danny Lawrence who inspired us to get involved in sport; he even showed us some of his gymnastic skills too!

The week beginning 16th of March was science week and we Mrs Nicholls came in to show us how to make all kinds of fascinating things; our favourite had to be the elephant toothpaste! During this week we also discovered how heat affects substances when making play dough and were even visited by Gulliver the Tortoise!

Parent Consultation Letters

There will be an opportunity for you to see your child’s teacher to review progress since November. You are welcome to arrive a little earlier to view your child’s work which will be available outside the classroom before the interview. Each interview will last a maximum of 10 minutes but there will be no supervision facilities for other children so you are requested to make suitable alternative childcare arrangements whilst you attend.

Separated parents are encouraged to attend the interview together. However, where this is not possible, parents should agree to attend alternate terms’ interviews, ie one to attend in the Autumn Term and the other in the Spring Term.

Please note that as a change to previous years’ arrangements, please sign a slot on the timetable displayed on your child’s classroom noticeboard by FRIDAY 6th MARCH to make an appointment. For those parents/carers who do not drop off/collect their child, please advise another parent/carer to sign in your place.

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