Badger Class Spring Term 2016

For our theme this term we have been learning about rainforests and jungles. We have enjoyed making our own information books about Tigers, Toucans, Anacondas and other animals that live there. During our Outdoor Learning we visited Littlewood and compared our local environment to the rainforests. We built dens and composed music; all with things found in Littlewood!

We enjoyed identifying different trees by looking carefully at their leaves. Each time we go to Littlewood we are asked what has changed? What do you notice?

‘Last time there brown leaves on the trees, now there aren’t any.’

‘We loved looking up at the trees and the sky and listening to the different sounds.’


For art we experimented with different printing techniques. The techniques we used are shown in the picture above. For direct printing we chose objects around the classroom that we thought would create an interesting print. For positive/negative printing we cut leaf shapes out of paper to create a stencil. Working with paint, from light to dark, we overlapped each positive and negative print to build up the layers. For the polystyrene sheet printing we had to carefully draw our design in to the polystyrene. Once our design was finished we had to roller paint onto the sheet and press paper on top to transfer the design.

We learnt about a French artist called Henri Rousseau who was famous for his paintings of jungles. Did you know…? He never actually went to a jungle but used his observations from botanical gardens, zoos and illustrations from books to inspire his paintings. On the laptops we created a Rousseau style picture using NGAKids We then went on to create a collage of a jungle in the same style.

The week beginning 8th February we had Multicultural week. Each class celebrated a different country. In Badger class we learnt about India and made flower garlands. We saw some of the animals we had been learning about in our rainforest theme in the Indian rainforests! Multicultural Week was the same week as Chinese New Year so we learnt some Chinese dancing. We learnt the Monkey King dance; Rain dance, where we had to spin umbrellas and hide ourselves and Fan dance, where we hid our faces and balanced on one leg!

In Literacy we created our own version of the Sound Collector poem by Roger McGough. We collected lots of sounds from around the school to use in our poems. We also learnt to recite the Sound Collector in groups to perform to the rest of the class. Actions and sounds were added to create effect.

For the Big Write we read the start of The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton and from this we created our own faraway tree and magical land at the top of it. Lots of us liked the idea of having chocolate houses and lolly pops as plants!

On the 3rd of March we celebrated World Book Day. We dressed up as characters from our favourite books. There were costumes from Alice in Wonderland to Harry Potter and everything in between! Mrs Gray led a special assembly for World book day and we enjoyed listening to the story Stuck by Oliver Jeffers.

We also had a surprise visit from the Pets for Therapy Dogs, they were so friendly and eager to meet us all! In the assembly and classroom session we learnt about how to look after our pets, what to do when we meet new dogs and asked lots of questions about the dogs that came to visit us.

The week beginning 14th of March marked British science week. A nurse visited our class to show us some of the equipment they use at work. We learnt about the fat in different foods and how to keep healthy. We also made solar ovens out of shoe boxes, foil and cling film. The first time we tried to melt chocolate biscuits in them it didn’t work because there wasn’t enough sun!

Badger Class Spring 2015

What an exciting Spring Term we have had in Badger Class!


We made leaf prints out of positive and negative stencils.

For Topic this term we have been learning about rainforests and jungles. We have enjoyed making our own information books about the animals that live there. During our Outdoor Learning we visited Littlewood and compared our local environment to the rainforests.

We made leaf prints out of positive and negative stencils.

On the 5th of March we had World Book Day were we dressed up as characters from our favourite books. For World Book Day we got into our Behaviour for Learning Team to listen to a story and take part in a craft activity.

For Red Nose Day we dressed silly (pants on our heads, trousers back to front, t-shirts inside out and other silly ways to wear our clothes) to raise money for Comic Relief.


Commonwealth Games silver medallist and team England captain Danny Lawrence also visited DCIS to inspire us to get involved in sport; he showed us some of his gymnastic skills too!

The week beginning 16th of March was science week and the Big Write. We got to make gooey slime! Mrs Nicholls came in to show us how to make it. We had to wear gloves and safety goggles. We had a contest to find out which team had the best slime.

Badger Class went to Squirrel and Frog Class for other science experiments. In Frog Class we found out what happened to coins when they were put into a mixture of salt and vinegar. In Squirrel Class we observed what happened when raisins were dropped into fizzy water. “Some people thought it was funny, I didn’t, but it was cool.” Benjamin wrote.


We also made mini lava lamps out of oil, water, food colouring and effervescent salt. Gaby said “When we put the [effervescent] salt in, it pinged up like a firework.”

“And last but not least the fingerprinting, we tried to look at the swirls in our fingers. Science WEEK WAS FUN!” Joe wrote in his Big Writing Book.

Isla wrote “Did I have fun…YES I DID!”

Parent Consultation Letters

There will be an opportunity for you to see your child’s teacher to review progress since November. You are welcome to arrive a little earlier to view your child’s work which will be available outside the classroom before the interview. Each interview will last a maximum of 10 minutes but there will be no supervision facilities for other children so you are requested to make suitable alternative childcare arrangements whilst you attend.

Separated parents are encouraged to attend the interview together. However, where this is not possible, parents should agree to attend alternate terms’ interviews, ie one to attend in the Autumn Term and the other in the Spring Term.

Please note that as a change to previous years’ arrangements, please sign a slot on the timetable displayed on your child’s classroom noticeboard by FRIDAY 6th MARCH to make an appointment. For those parents/carers who do not drop off/collect their child, please advise another parent/carer to sign in your place.

RH – Hedgehog Class

RM – Mouse Class

RO – Owl Class

1D – Deer Class

1F – Fox Class

1R – Rabbit Class

2B – Badger Class

2F – Frog Class

2S – Squirrel Class


Christmas Performance Raises Money for Charity

A BIG THANK YOU to all who support our charity, Macmillan Cancer Support over the Christmas Performances. We raised a truly magnificent £657.79. Thank you for your continued support with our children in school, especially in the costume creations, learning of lines/songs and attending as great audience members.