Year 2 Medieval Castle Day

After working extremely hard on our SATs tests we ended this half term with a fun Medieval Castle Day.  The children came dressed in a range of costumes including kings, queens, lords, ladies, squires, pages, maids, clergy, peasants and jesters.

We started the day with a fun sword and shield making session with our families.  Each child had a large sheet of cardboard and the shields that they created from them were truly impressive.

We then undertook a number of fun castle themed craft activities and games, including crown making and the Battle of Hastings related tasks.

In the afternoon we took our swords and shields onto the field where we re-enacted the Battle of Hastings from 1066.  The Owl Class undertook the role of the Norwegian King Harald Hardrada’s army but were soon defeated by the Otter Class who were Anglo-Saxon King Harold Godwinson’s army when they met for the Battle of Stamford Bridge.  The Otter Class were then defeated at Hastings by the Norman-French army of William, the Duke of Normandy as played by the Squirrel Class.

The day culminated with a magnificent banquet, where we used our fingers to eat food that would have been available at a medieval banquet.  We then tried some medieval dancing.

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