Hedgehog Class

Spring Term in the Hedgehog Class

It really has been a magical term in Hedgehog Class! At the beginning of the term we were excited to find that a mystery person going by the initial S had left us the book The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. It was soon discovered that S was Silky the fairy from the Magic Faraway Tree. We have loved reading about her friends Saucepan Man and Moonface. Throughout the term we have had to help the characters from the story solve lots of problems; these have included rescuing Silky from ice and investigating the crime scene left by the red goblins! We have even been creating our own magic by making potions!

This term our confidence with reading and writing has continued to grow and develop; many of us are writing sentences and beginning to write our own stories! We have also learnt how to solve addition and subtraction problems practically and pictorially.

We have enjoyed using the laptops and iPads more in class and have used them to play games, solve clues by using QR codes and typing words and sentences on the laptops.

During this term we have also enjoyed Multicultural Week where we travelled around the school to learn about different countries. In each class we completed a craft activity linked to a country. We also had a fantastic time learning a Chinese dance!

The week beginning 14th of March was Science Week. Within the classroom we have been carrying out our own experiments; one included inflating a balloon using vinegar and baking soda which was very exciting! We were also visited by nurses who talked to us about what they do. We found this very interesting, so we pretended to be nurses and thoroughly enjoyed creating bandages for one another.