Mouse Class

Mouse Class News Autumn 2015

It feels a long time ago now when the children in Mouse class started school back in September. They have already made big strides in their learning and have settled really well into our school.

We started the term by working on our wellbeing and involvement and making sure that we were comfortable in the learning environment. We learnt all about the Golden Rules and put these into practise every day.

Behaviour Tree

This is our class tree – everyone is reaching for the stars!

We are gentle

At the beginning of the year we were busy exploring the classroom, outdoors and making new friends. Jenson, Kayla and Jack had never met before starting school and here they are being gentle together on the first day.

Being Gentle

Jenson, Jack and Kayla

We are kind and helpful

This term we have raised lots of money for different charities (Children in Need, the RSPCA, The Royal British Legion, The Friends of DCIS) and have been learning all about being kind and helpful.

Working together

Working as a team to solve problems

When we were dressed up as a hero for Children in Need, Louis came to school as a doctor. This turned out to be very lucky as nearly all the children were struck down by a mystery illness (we think it was an extreme case of the sniffles) and we needed a doctor to help!

We need a hero to save the day!

We work hard

At the beginning of the year we had the Circus Ferrel on our school field for a week. They were really kind and offered us circus skills workshops, which included learning how to spin plates. We had lots of fun and this was a tricky skill to learn. Luckily we love giving ourselves challenges!

Circus Skills

Nathan using excellent concentration and balance skills

We have been working hard on all of the areas of learning. We have been learning about different celebrations and festivals of light (Bonfire Night, Diwali and St Lucia Day) as well as celebrating all the things that are special in our lives (starting school with a Marvellous Me box). We also spent some time remembering people on Remembrance Day. Here are the children working hard to create Remembrance Artwork:

We used lots of different textures and materials to create our artwork

Here are some displays of our hard work during our first term at school

We look after things

It is very important that we look after things at school and at home. This means looking after equipment, our bodies, each other and the world. Becoming independent is a skill that we are practicing each day.

Looking after

Phoebe using the glitter independently for some artwork and clearing this away when she has finished

We listen to people

We have spent time talking together in small and larger groups. Encouraging language development is something we do in everything – we are proud to be a chatty class!


Cassius and Skye talking to each other in the first few days of school to make sure they don’t pick up the same bead!

We are honest

It is ok to make mistakes. It is when we make mistakes that we encounter our best learning. It is really important to be honest when you have made a mistake and then we can all learn from it.

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Mr Mills, Miss Oag and Mrs Betts