Squirrel Class

Squirrel Class Update March 2015

In February squirrel class enjoyed our cake sale. We had been very busy at home with our families making cakes to sell. At the cake sale we were able to serve customers and practise adding money and giving change.

The 5th of March was world book day. We had great fun dressing up as book characters. Can you tell who we dressed up as from our photos? We also worked in our teams to listen to stories and do a follow-up craft activity.

In February the school had a multicultural week. We learnt about lots of different festivals around the world. Squirrel class had fun making masks when learning about Mardi Gras. We also got to play drums and other percussion instruments when we had a visit from a drummer in a samba band.

Our topic this half term has been rainforests and jungles. We have learnt lots of facts about these habitats, including finding out about the animals that live there. We have made our own information books so we can share what we have learnt with others. We also explored the local habitat when we visited Littlewood on our outdoor learning day. We laid on a huge piece of tarpaulin and looked up at the sky, trees and birds. We then wrote poems to describe what we had seen.

Squirrel class had great fun on red nose day. We were able to dress up in something silly, as you can see below! On this day we were very lucky to have a special visitor. It was the gymnast Danny Lawrence. We all took part in a fitness circuit with Danny. He showed us how to do press ups. Danny also did a demonstration for us and he gave some of us a certificate for completing our active body books.