Frog Class

Frog Class Spring 2015

We are really enjoying our Big Writing which encourages us to use WOW words (ambitious, interesting words) to make our writing more exciting. These are some of the fantastic ideas that we have had when we wrote a story about a flying turtle…………

“Meanwhile the amazing turtle noticed something in the distance coming closer and closer… Suddenly a furious killer whale shot up like a firework” (Ryley)

“They glided together in the air, super-whizzing fast. They banged into a tree and fell into a tropical jungle with miraculous animals.” (Archie)

We have also studied the trees in Littlewood and used this as an inspiration for our poetry writing.

“This is the tree that dances in the breeze and twirls in different directions” (Isla)


We have enjoyed our rainforest topic, especially have playing in our role play corner and making our own rainforest shelters outside.

Other special things that have happened this term are World Book Day, a visit from Danny Lawrence and Science week.


Can you guess which characters we dressed up as?


The fitness circuit was exhausting!


Ryley’s group made the slimiest slime!