Squirrel Class

Squirrel Class Autumn Term

We have enjoyed an exciting start to year 2 with our topic on Castles!

We have learnt about why and where castles were built. We have also found out how they were made and who might have lived in them.

We learnt about coats of arms and made some clay shields.

We have had lots of fun dressing up as castle characters and acting out stories in our medieval castle role play area. We have also created castle art work such as modelling dough jesters, portraits of kings and queens, and spooky castle paintings.

In Design and Technology we designed and made our own castle themed vehicles. We had to make sure that the vehicles had wheels and that the wheels could turn.

We were very lucky to be able to visit Norwich Castle and learn more about what life would have been like in a castle about 1000 years ago. We handled some castle objects and learnt what they were used for. We also designed and made our own pennants, and had a tour of the castle with costumed characters.