Badger Class

Badger Class Autumn Term

This term we have been learning so much. We started off with our badger class agreement, where we agreed the ‘What’, ‘How’ and ‘Next’ in our learning steps.


We continued our learning with the theme, Castles. We brought lots to this learning theme. We found out about Kings and Queens, painting them. We created creepy castle pictures and had lots of fun experimenting with different techniques.



Our favourite part of the term included visiting Norwich Castle Museum and re-enacting the Battle of Hastings. Whilst at the castle we explored life in Castle times and created a pennant. During our Battle we lost to the Squirrel Class when William the Conqueror took charge!


We made castle vehicles, planning these and creating them from our designs. We even looked at a Lotus video showing cars of the future. This was exciting!!!

We have been working hard with our writing, thinking about penguins through our Story ‘Eddie the Penguin Saves the World’ and considering if penguins can live in Hawaii!