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Year 1 Football Club with Mr Mills

Last year I organised a football club for the Year 1 children which was affiliated with Drayton Youth FC. It ran after school once a week and it gave the children the opportunity to learn and practice fundamental movement skills either outside or in the hall.

The club will continue this year with a couple of changes. There will only be 12 spaces and it will take place on Tuesday evenings 3:00 – 4:00pm (no Thursdays this year). The club will begin in January and will run until the Summer Term and we will split the group so there are 4 children from each class.

The subscription fee will remain the same (£50 for the year) and this will purchase equipment and a kit for the team to use and then keep when they move into Year 2.

If your child would like to take part then please could you let me know via email after 7pm on Thursday 4th December. The spaces will be offered to the first 4 respondents from each class and I will let you know next steps on Friday 5th December.

Mr Mills – my school email address