Mouse Class

Mouse Class Summer Term 2014

On Friday 4th July the whole of Reception went on a visit to Banham Zoo.

First we got on the coaches and strapped ourselves in for the journey.

When we arrived at Banham Zoo we sat down together and ate some fruit. We were very hungry!


After a snack we then went into the zoo. It was very exciting! Here are some photos of us when we started looking at all of the different types of animals:

After seeing lots of animals we decided to all get on the train together. It was lots of fun!


Next we all stayed outside to eat our lunch. We were very lucky with the weather and walked around Banham Zoo with our water bottles. After lunch we went to see some more animals and here are some photos that the children took:

Finally we all got back on the coach and strapped ourselves back in for the journey home. We got back to school a bit later than usual but we had a wonderful time at Banham Zoo.

Thank you to all of the helpers who came along. We wouldn’t have the opportunity to do all these things without your support!