Squirrel Class

Squirrel class web page update Spring 2014

In the first half of the spring term, squirrel class enjoyed learning about festivals around the word.

We learnt that Sikhs and Hindus celebrate a festival of light, also known as Divali.  Hindus make special patterns on the floor called Rangoli during Divali to welcome people to their homes.  We made our own Rangoli designs using chalk.

We also welcomed our families into the class for our Draytonory session.  We listened to the story of `Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers, and then we made our own penguins so that the penguin in the story would not be lonely anymore.

In the second half of the Spring term we have been learning about Rainforests and Jungles.

Here are some of the facts we have learnt:

“Sloths move so slowly that green algae grows on their fur”.

“A poison arrow frog is about the size of a man’s thumb nail”.

“Jaguars are very good at climbing and swimming”.

“The rafflesia flower smells of rotting meat”.

We have a rainforest role play area in our classroom and one of our favourite activities has been dressing up as explorers and finding out about the animals that live in this habitat.

We learnt that the French artist Henri Rousseau liked painting jungle pictures.  We looked at some of his paintings then worked in groups to make large jungle collages.  We tried to make the plants really big!

The school celebrated world book day in March and we all enjoyed dressing up as book characters.  See if you can recognise which ones we are!

We were lucky to have some story tellers and authors come into school. Squirrel class talked and wrote about what their favourite books are, and why.