Early Years Foundation Stage

At Drayton Community Infant School, our Foundation Stage Curriculum is based on the Statutory Guidelines for EYFS. The guidelines describe the seven areas of learning and development which “must be implemented through planned, purposeful play”.

The framework also states that “Practitioners must respond to each child’s emerging needs and interests, guiding their development through warm, positive interaction.” We have a fantastic team of skilled adults who put this into practice every day.

In addition the framework describes “Three characteristics of effective teaching and learning … playing and exploring … active learning and creating and thinking critically.” These characteristics are at the heart of the curriculum we provide. We provide opportunities for our children to follow their interests and develop their own critical thinking skills through a careful balance of adult directed and child led sessions, both inside and outside.

At Drayton Community Infant School we follow these principles to plan starting points for our children based on their interests and fascinations. This means that some ‘topics’ are brief and some last whole half terms and longer. We use the Power of Reading texts and approach to underpin our approach to learning. Wherever possible, we use first hand experiences and starting points to engage the children from the beginning.

Every year we adapt our curriculum and provision to provide a rich range of activities that cover all of the seven areas of learning and development and provide opportunities for child led learning. We use our observations to inform our planning and plan for the children’s next steps in their learning. We seek to provide a challenging curriculum through a balance of Adult Led and Child Led sessions, which is considered best practice for EYFS. Snack time is also usually planned as a rolling snack to help provide children with long periods of time to develop their characteristics of effective learning.

Choose Our Own Learning (COOL) time is used as observation time and time to interact and develop the children’s learning. Our timetable is flexible and adapts throughout the year to allow us to observe the children and not stop until there is a natural break in their learning for Adult directed base times.

Together, with the parents as partners, we celebrate the incredible journey that our children make in the Early Years.