The Eagle has landed

Just after half term, our long awaited clothing bank arrived. Some children from Rabbit Class were at a convenient point in their learning to come out and watch it touch down on the car park.

First the driver had to lower the legs to stop the lorry from tipping over. Next he had to operate the crane to take the bank off the back of the truck and move it into position on four paving slabs. It was a tricky operation to make sure it was level and not wobbly. Finally, he moved the crane back onto the lorry, raised the legs and it was time to leave.

It wasn’t long before those in the know started filling the bank but now everyone knows about it and can make the most out of this easy way to raise money for the school and for the work of the Salvation Army.

All you have to do is fill a clean plastic bag with your unwanted textiles including clothing, underwear, accessories, shoes, trainers and household linens and put it into the bank.  The Salvation Army’s figures show that 80% of clothing is re-worn with 19% being shredded or broken down to make mattress filling, industrial wipes or car soundproofing. Only 1% ends up in landfill and the Salvation Army is working really hard to stop even that.

Please can you help us in this way. Plastic bags have been sent home from school but any clean plastic bag will do for your donation. If you need more information, just google ‘Recycle with Michael’. As our bank is in the car park please be wary of traffic when using it and make sure that only adults put bags into the drawer. THANK YOU.

‘Clean for the Queen’ Day at the Pond


This Saturday, 5th March was our ‘Clean for the Queen Day at the Pond’. The weather was pretty dreadful with constant rain and temperatures only as high as 6oC.  Despite that, there were some hardy people who came down to the pond to help clear the rubbish and tidy up the edge of the pond.

image003The men put on waders and collected the rubbish from the pond because they were the only ones tall enough not to get water down the front of their waterproofs. They filled many bags with bottles and cans and other rubbish that was spoiling the look of the pond and putting wildlife in danger.  Everyone was careful so no one fell in.

Meanwhile, other people were collecting litter from the banks, in Littlewood or on Marriott’s Way. Litter is really awkward stuff and always ends up in a prickly bush or tangled up in brambles. It was hard work fishing it all out.

image005To repair the edge of the pond one of our local families worked on faggots (bundles of hazel bound with wire). They had to cut down hazel with loppers and make it into the faggots which were carried to the pond. Once there everyone had to help to hammer stakes into the ground to keep them in place.

image007Everyone worked hard and we were finished by lunchtime. We had collected 12 bags of rubbish which is an awful lot! Don’t worry if you missed out this time, there will be plenty more chances to clean up at the pond or in Littlewood.

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