Spring 1 2019 Westover Vets visit – KS1

We had a great first day back. We had Tom from Westover Vets come to visit us.

We learnt about the important role that vets play in looking after animals.

We had some very good ideas about what our pets need:

Love, water, food, walks, time to play and rest.

Tom even showed us how to do a bandage, with the help of some very important veterinary assistants.


We got to ask Tom some questions at the end of the session.

Here are some that we asked him:

Spring 1 2019 Otters visit to Badgers Wood

Otter class had a lovely two weeks visiting Badgers Wood. This was arranged with the support of the charity Friend in Deed. The children enjoyed playing games, sharing photos and talking with the residents.

Thank you to Badgers Wood and to the parents who walked down and joined us in these sessions.

If you would like more information on how you can get involved with your local care home please visit the following link:  http://www.friendindeed.org.uk/

Year 2 Leavers – Owls

Year 2 Leavers – Squirrels

Year 2 Leavers – Otters

Rock Steady!

This term we have been lucky enough to have been visited by ‘Rock Steady Music School’ who use different musical instruments to create a band. They delivered a fantastic assembly and a workshop for every year group. We all loved clapping and singing along to the songs we hear on the radio. There are now children receiving tuition for different musical instruments and are learning how to work as a band. For more information, please contact the school office or visit their website @ https://www.rocksteadymusicschool.com/