Ethos, Values and Vision

Ethos and Values at DCIS

Motto: From tiny acorns mighty, oak trees grow 

Ethos: At Drayton Community Infant School we strive to create an atmosphere that is happy, caring and challenging. We want every child to feel they belong here and to feel safe and secure. We believe in the importance of developing the whole child through offering a broad, balanced and creative curriculum where both individuality and team-work are valued. We will help our children to begin to develop learning skills that will last a lifetime, so that they can make their best contribution to the community and society 

Our School Values: 

We reviewed our school values at the end of Summer 2021 and received feedback from children, parents/carers and staff. From this we have identified five key values which sit at the heart of all of our learning and personal development at DCIS.  Our school staff support all of the children in developing their own awareness of these values and strive to empower them to take ownership of the development of them within themselves.  By consistently sharing these values and creating a sensitive and supportive atmosphere all of our children are encouraged to:  

Each week through year group assemblies we focus around a different value.  

Rights and Responsibilities 

To ensure that our ethos is reached and our visions met all members of our school community have rights and responsibilities.  We all have a right to an orderly school, which fosters positive relationships and communication with others and it is all of ours’ responsibility to ensure that that happens.  The lists below indicate some other examples of our rights and responsibilities; they are not exhaustive but demonstrate that rights and responsibilities are intrinsically linked and that with every right comes a corresponding responsibility.





To be listened to 

To listen to others and allow others to listen 

To be treated with respect 

To treat others with respect and tolerance 

To be actively taught social and emotional skills 

To try and use these skills as they grow and develop 

To have rules which ensure safety in school and to be taught how to stay safe 

To follow the rules and therefore work and play safely 

To feel that they can safely tell adults about their worries and concerns 

To tell adults about their worries and concerns so that they can be addressed 

To learn in a positive and supportive atmosphere 

To make the most of their learning opportunities and allow others to do the same 

To make mistakes in a safe emotional climate 

To learn from their mistakes and support others when they make mistakes 






To be listened to 

To listen to others 

To be appropriately supported by peers and managers 

To support peers and managers in return 

To seek appropriate support when needed 

To professionally share opinions 

To respect others’ opinions 

To be treated courteously by all others in the school community 

To treat others in the school community courteously 

To help children learn to be tolerant 

To be made fully aware of the school’s systems, policies and expectations 

To make themselves fully aware of the school’s systems, policies, expectations and to support them in their practice 

To receive appropriate training to increase skills and knowledge in all required areas of professional life 

To take up, disseminate and put into practice any training received 

To actively seek out their own professional development opportunities 


Parents / Carers 




To be listened to 

To listen in return 

To be treated with respect 

To treat all others in the school community with respect 

To be kept informed about their child’s social and academic progress, be informed of any circumstances that may arise and have measures put in place to support their child 

To attend parents’ meetings, maintain two way communication, inform the school of any circumstances that may affect their child and support any measures put in place to support their child 

To have access to the school’s policies and practice 

To read the documentation provided and adhere to the school’s policies and practice 

To have concerns taken seriously, have them investigated and if necessary, have measures put in to place 

To take the school’s concerns seriously, find out the facts of any issues and support any measures that are put in place 

Our school vision

Learning, Caring and Growing Together.

Our vision is to be:

  • A school where children are at the centre, where they are encouraged to participate and have a voice.
  • A school that is happy, safe, nurturing, and offers a broad, balanced curriculum developing enquiring minds, independence and the confidence to make choices.
  • A school that develops healthy and positive attitudes to learning and living.
  • A school that develops opportunities beyond the classroom to enable children to learn about the world they live in.
  • A school that looks to the future, embracing the role of new technologies.
  • A school that enables pupils to benefit from professionally developed staff and Trustees.
  • A school that works closely in partnership with parents, other schools and the wider community.

Mrs Sarah Hutt - Partnership Headteacher
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