The Two Tee Pees

Hidden within the leafy trees of our Woodland, you will find two Tee Pees. This peaceful, calm and relaxing place is where Art, Music, Poetry and stories are brought to life by the children who visit.

So far this term we have had the ‘real’ Tiger who came to Tea! We have loved sitting around the ‘blazing’ campfire toasting leaf marshmallows in the freezing cold. We have listened to the sea from the conical shells, whilst reading themed stories such as: Mariana and the Merchild; The Little Boat; The Storm by Kathy Henderson.

We have studied still life and created our own sketches and water colour paintings of daffodils whilst listening to Classic FM on an old- fashioned radio. We have even made our own music with a basket full of instruments.

An ever changing audience, sees Year 2 children nurturing and caring for our younger children with a positive ethos of kindness and friendship no matter the age. Our ‘ring of benches’ is often a forum for discussions such as ‘shall we create our own Wishing Tree. It is also symbolic to our circle of friends and we sometimes might be overhead, singing at the end of play:

“This is our circle, our circle of new friends and just like a circle, our kindness and caring never ends.”

We are free to come and go as we please because the Two Tee Pees will always be there whenever we need them.

Caroline Kett

Mrs Sarah Hutt - Acting Partnership Headteacher
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