Rainforests With The Owl Class


Slithering across the hard forest floor

Moves the hungry snake.

He is looking for an animal

From which his dinner he can make.

Under green plants and over dead leaves

He silently glides.

Camouflaged with pretty green patterns

Amongst the leafy rainforest he hides.

An unsuspecting tapir stops to eat a leaf

To the greedy snake, he tasted just like beef!

This term Year 2 have been learning about the rainforests.  We have worked extremely hard to produce our own non-fiction books.  Every single child has pushed themselves to improve their own handwriting and their use of vocabulary; with many starting the pages again and again because they knew that they could do even better.  The Owl Class are so proud of theirs that they would like to share them with you.  Each child has chosen the page that they are most proud of.  Some children have asked to include some of their adjectives, noun phrases and explanation sentences that they feel are particularly impressive and others have asked to include some very important messages that they would like shared about the future of the rainforest.  We have also been doing some wonderful artwork inspired by the rainforest and the work of Henri Rousseau.  We are now moving on to rainforest poems and stories.

The lush green leafy rainforest is home to over half of all of the species of animal, plants and insects in the whole entire world.

Help save the amazing rainforest with all of the fluffy and feathery fantastic animals that live there.

  Please help to save the tropical drenched rainforest because this spectacular habitat is getting destroyed and these precious animals are going on the extinction list.

Did you know that every single second a piece of rainforest the size of a football pitch is destroyed?

Did you know that every twenty-four hours between 150 and 200 species of plant and animals become extinct; that means they will never exist again?

“What a black, spotty, long, soft, shaggy furred, sharp pointy teethed and sharp clawed hungry pouncing jaguar it is!”

What a mystical magical green leafy place it is!

The Sloth

Now I am sure that all of you know,

The long shaggy sloth is very slow.

He likes to hang from the tall leafy tree,

Camouflaged with green slimy algae.

With long curly claws he holds on tight,

Hanging on all day and all night.

Then suddenly you might hear a big crash,

As down he falls with a great splash.

Into the blue water, deep and wet,

Because he likes to swim, don’t forget!

The fierce jaguar has big soft paws with long sharp claws.

The green leafy rainforest is being terrorised by loggers, farmers, cattle ranchers and pollution.  Did you know that we are helping to destroying the rainforest and make the animals become extinct by eating Nutella and lush Cadbury’s Cream Eggs?

The sloth hangs lazily from the hard brown branch with his long curly claws then drops down into the shimmering crystal blue water.

What a slithering, slippery, climbing, gobbling, hungry anaconda it is!

Did you know that in one hundred years’ time children will be learning about jaguars, orangutans and sloths like we learn about dinosaurs because they will be extinct like they are?

Help save the explosion of life that is the rainforest before there is none left.

The Toucan

The toucan is an unusual bird,

As I’m sure that you have heard.

Its bright colourful beak is half its size,

With which it gobbles up black buzzing flies.

It also likes sweet dripping juicy fruit,

And small green lizards that are rather cute.

Their necks are short and their bodies too,

Their feathers are black or shimmering blue.

They use their bills like a long sharp sword,

With them around you are never bored.

With their friends they roughly fight,

Trying to beat them with all of their might.

You will always find them in pairs or a flock,

Their deep rainforest parties really rock.

Rainforests are amazing lush leafy green beautiful environments,

Animals large and small, fierce and friendly, furry and scaly all call this their home,

Indigenous people, live harmoniously and sustainably there too,

Nocturnal creatures keep the rainforest buzzing through the deep dark night,

Fantastical flying fish swim down the crystal blue winding river,

Only 1% of this incredible environment has been discovered so far,

Rain drops fall, drip drop, light and heavy, every day,

Explosions of life have never been so magical and mystical,

Shimmering sparkling blue waterfalls splash onto the hard forest floor,

This amazing place must not be destroyed and lost forever!

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