Year 2 Spring 2018

This half term, Year 2 have continued to follow Esmerelda as she travels around the world through space and time in her amazing travelling machine.

At the start of the term she sent us the following letter:

“Wow what a journey I have had. Days of beautiful uninterrupted ocean. It was incredible, some days the ocean was completely still only broken by the breach of a whale or the dive of a dolphin. Other days there were strong winds and violent waves as the rain beat ferociously down on my vessel. It was quite an adventure but here I am at last, buried deep in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest.

It is absolutely amazing. There are a million different greens surrounding me, I can’t move without a plant touching my body. Everything feels so big and huge. The rain is falling thickly in drops as big as blueberries but it’s so warm that it isn’t a problem at all. There’s probably more life here per square metre than anywhere else on the entire planet and all of the plants and animals are connected together in life and death. The noise is incredible, so many insects, birds and mammals singing their own songs.

Apparently the Amazon Rainforest is home to 427 different mammals, 1,300 types of bird, 378 species of reptiles and more than 400 types of amphibians. In the past hour alone I have seen a gold lion tamarin, a capybara, a giant anteater, a green iguana, a glass frog, a sloth, a river dolphin and a flock of macaws. It is fantastic to be surrounded by so many different amazing creatures. However, I am so alert for the deadly bugs and snakes that I just can’t fully relax.”

Inspired by Esmerelda we have used the rainforest to base all of our learning around. We have all been researching the rainforests and have made fantastic information books of which we are extremely and justifiably proud. We have also used it to inspire some interesting geographical research and fabulous artwork. We had a fantastic afternoon last week when parents were able to join us for an afternoon of rainforest crafts.

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