Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark 2013/14

As you will be aware, Physical Education is in the spotlight after the success of London 2012. The government are keen to build a legacy of more people being physically active and also increased participation of sports. Primary schools across the country are receiving PE and sport funding and, due to the size of our school, we have received £8,000 this year and this will be the same for 2014/15.

We decided that we should see where we are at with PE in our school at the moment so that we had a starting point to think about how to spend the funding responsibly. This was done through an audit undertaken by all the teaching staff in November 2013. This information was then transferred into an online audit tool supplied by the Youth Sport Trust ( and made into an application for their Quality Mark. We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Silver Quality Mark for this year!

Strengths of the school in PE include:

  • Good teaching
  • Staff meet weekly to plan PE lessons
  • Children’s enjoyment of PE
  • Good range of extra-curricular school clubs and outdoor learning

Things we can work on:

  • Continue to develop a vision for PE, physical activity and school sport
  • The time spent in PE lessons each week
  • Children’s understanding of how they can improve their skills and parental awareness

We are currently working on how it will be best to drive Physical Education forward at this school and having it central to our ethos. We are also looking at different PE curriculums to see if we can build on the good teaching that is already at the school and making it brilliant. Watch this space for more updates on our journey, and we hope to get everyone involved at some point before the end of 2013/14 so that we can go for gold next year!

Mr Joe Mills
PE Coordinator

Mrs Sarah Hutt - Acting Partnership Headteacher
Drayton Community Infant School, School Road, Drayton, Norwich NR8 6EP
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